About me

The name Black Crayon originated from the idea that out of a box of crayons, the black crayon is the most important crayon of all. We use it to outline our doodles and even write our names! This goes for the black felt tip pens and colouring pencils too. Just as the black coloring crayon is important, so is our company in the lives of the many people who turn to Black Crayon for their photography or graphic design needs. We offer high quality photography services for photoshoots, events, weddings, birthdays, dinners and gatherings all at resonable prices.

Yemi Kehinde is a London based photographer specialising in portrature, fashion, weddings and events. Starting out with a little amateur camera whilst at uni, Yemi grew on his talents working with models, makeup artists and modelling agencies across the UK.
Starting off in Birmingham and now moving home, Yemi is based in London but still available to shoot assignments across the UK.

We hope that you will find our rates reasonable and are impressed by our hard work. The dedication put into each project or assignment does not vary as we value all our clients and partners highly. Starting and operating since 2009, Black Crayon thrive on the quality of our work and endevour to give the best in quality no matter the circumstances.